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McCormick Fleet Management is the fleet management tool conceived to assist contractors and farmers who want to achieve full control over their fleet of machines. The objective is to improve the management of all the activities that involve tractors and equipment in order to maximise efficiency, performance and minimise management costs, also with the option of carrying out diagnostics and maintenance activities remotely.

What is the McCormick Fleet Management?

McCormick Fleet Management is the telematics system that provides a real-time overview of the fleet of company machines. It allows you to

    • control movements, positions, consumptions, worked areas, maintenance status and
    • make planned work forecasts.

What components comprise McCormick Fleet Management?

It is a fully-fledged platform that foresees the installation on tractors of a control unit and a dedicated connection for data collection, cabling and a satellite geolocalisation system. The user can also use the online portal and a dedicated App for easy and user-friendly remote access to all information using smartphone, tablet or computer.

fleet management mccormick gestione flotta

What are the advantages of McCormick Fleet Management?

McCormick Fleet Management boasts a series of advantages:

  • it provides full control over tractor performance: speed, engine rpm, work progress, hourly consumption, average consumption, and many other parameters, including the total average consumption of the fleet
  • it provides a comprehensive overview of the real-time location of each tractor in the fleet on a single map. It is also possible to use geofencing of alarm zones for tractors, by setting an immediate notification in the event they leave the geofenced perimeter – providing a highly effective anti-theft service
  • it helps in the management of subsequent processing: in fact, it is possible to geofence the worked fields and store the information in the system, to reuse it in the event of future processing
  • it is a fundamental tool for fleet management: thanks to the data on daily and annual operating costs, it is possible to accurately define intervention prices and company margins for each field and each individual machine. The data collected is used to establish the performance of each machine and target the interventions on work schedules.
  • finally, it is also possible to monitor the state of health of the tractor, with remote assistance interventions tailored to meet individual machine requirements. Any problems are detected in real time in order to ensure prompt service interventions. It is a key tool towards ensuring the consistent good condition and maximum efficiency of individual tractors

Using McCormick Fleet Management, therefore, you will have all the support you need to keep the situation under control: machine location, work progress, potential areas of intervention, all from the comfort of your office or whilst travelling. This generates optimised performance and increasingly efficient processing costs, along with greater protection for the tractors.

McCormick Fleet Management is a standard feature on all new tractors in the X7.6 VT-Drive, Stage V range.

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