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Power, technology and design: the McCormick universe is “online” at Eima Digital
3 November 2020
1 March 2021

The latest issue of McC Power Technology magazine, a reference point for those who want to keep up with the latest news on products and services, has been posted on the McCormick website.

McC Power Technology bears witness to the McCormick brand’s own efforts,” explains Antonio Salvaterra, Marketing Director of Argo Tractors, “while at the same time reporting accurate information on the Argo Tractors strategy for tackling the ongoing global health crisis. During the lockdown period, our production facilities had to cease operations, but were nevertheless able to constantly ensure support and spare parts services for the farmers and contractors who continued working in the fields. The Argo Tractors personnel also showed great responsibility and courage when it was time to get back to work, and rose to the challenge of providing all the services needed by customers and distributors. It was an extraordinary example of how the group’s underlying values are expressed through concrete actions”.

The magazine recalls the communication efforts launched during the lockdown, which were based on the advertising campaigns #staystrong, #ThankYou and the video #wearestrong. Messages of support for the agriculture professionals who dedicated themselves each day to ensuring the continuity in the provision of food for everyone.

This issue of McC Power Technology also contains plenty of product innovations, including a focus on the new X7 tractor model in VT-Drive version and equipped with the Stage V engines, which, as usual, places the emphasis on power and technology.

While trade show attendance was put on hold due to the pandemic, McCormick nevertheless had several opportunities to show off, as evidenced by the articles dedicated to the fairs Agritechnica 2019, Fima in Zaragoza-Spain, and Fieragricola in Verona-Italy.

McCormick’s growth throughout these areas has been uninterrupted, and has even entailed the distribution network’s involvement in a process of development and integration, thanks to the Argo 4.0 digital transformation.

The publication also spotlights various technological innovations, like the Fleet Management system, the telematic management of data, the remote training programs, and all the latest activities of the McCormick sales network, with a focus on new openings, such as the one of the new Argo France headquarters in Vaulx-Milieu (Lyon)

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