McCormick technical support: new customer service solutions 14 January 2021

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1 March 2021
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1 March 2021

At McCormick we are always working to deliver a rapid, efficient and superior quality service. This is why we strive to improve our technical support service, with trained personnel and state-of-the-art instruments to deliver a prompt response to those who work with our tractors.

Professional skills, timeliness and technology

We have therefore decided to renew our technical support service to help you guarantee superior performance and maximum reliability for your tractor. The McCormick Service evolves together with the tractor technology, establishing new standards of professional skills, timeliness and simplicity, also thanks to the use of new digital tools, and introducing the possibility to provide remote services.

Our goal? To protect your business with dealers ready to respond to your requirements.

An improvement guaranteed by a qualified technical support team and new digital tools Argo Service 2.0 and Argo Report, which allow us to push the boundaries and be continuously connected to deliver the support you need.

Our Technical Support Team

Our Technical Support team is manned by highly skilled and qualified personnel ready to deliver the support you need. Dealers can rely on a team of experts:

  • Field support: personnel on the road to provide on the field support to mechanics and dealers
  • Help Desk: a support service for personnel on the road and a connection hub with the Research and Development department
  • Warranty: claim management and recovery campaigns
  • Tech Doc: production of technical manuals, user and maintenance manuals, workshop manuals

One of the areas which is constantly updated is our personnel training scheme, which ensures our personnel have state-of-the-art technological tools to boost their skills.

The latest technologies available for tractors, increasingly based on electronic aspects, make it necessary for personnel to gain new specific skills. To respond to such needs, we have developed new training tools for personnel working for dealers, branches and distributors across the globe.

In 2021 a new digital training platform will be available to technical and sales personnel, with an area reserved to end users with information regarding troubleshooting and the correct use and maintenance of the machines.

On this platform our personnel will find courses in various languages, specifically designed to meet the needs of personnel across the globe. They are available online 24/7 and can be viewed at any moment in time.

The courses are held by specialised trainers from our team of Argo Tractors experts and divided into 5-10 minute videos with explanations, views of the products from different angles, images and dynamic drawings. A specific section is dedicated to downloads of teaching materials and requests for further details on special topics, with the possibility to leave comments and interact with trainers also on a one-to-one basis.

After completing each course, the personnel receive an attendance certificate and suggestions on further courses so as to expand their skills and boost their career profile.

Supporto tecnico McCormick

Argo Report

Always connected to provide immediate and effective responses: to achieve this result we have provided our dealers with Argo Report, an innovative online reporting system, a tool that will allow them to immediately enter into contact with our support team to find the best and swiftest solutions to their requirements.

Argo Service

Our dealers have a new online portal at their complete disposal, compatible for use with tablets and smartphones. Argo Service 2.0 provides innovative contents and tools to guarantee prompt and effective feedback to customers.

The new dealer tool allows users to share information and documentation, and also send rapid reports via the web. It also allows users to view the online courses calendars, subscribe to a course and monitor the personnel taking part.

It is also possible to achieve real time monitoring of information on news and technical documents, recall campaigns, kit requests, statistics of the tractors of interest and relative recalls.

Contact us with any needs you may have: you will have access to trained personnel and all the most advanced tools to obtain the assistance you need.

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