Power, technology and design: the McCormick universe is “online” at Eima Digital

McCormick X6: the latest innovation in the “medium utility” segment
3 November 2020
McC Power Technology, all the latest news from the world of McCormick
14 January 2021

Eima doubles up and McCormick says yes twice.

The Argo Tractors brand, symbol of power and technological innovation, confirms its presence both at the digital edition (from 11 to 15 November 2020) and at the live edition scheduled at the Bologna Exhibition Centre from 3 to 7 February 2021.

While waiting to rediscover the pleasure of meeting physically, the web platform developed for Eima Digital will allow McCormick to showcase the best of its production, revealing the technological and design innovations that characterise the brand and fully respond to market demands.

On the McCormick virtual booth there will be space for the X7 VT-Drive range in Stage V and the X6 range with the new Red Power; waiting to be physically “touched” at events and exhibitions, while always in compliance with current health regulations.

McCormick X7.6 VT-Drive, powerful, technological and environmentally friendly

The McCormick X7.6 VT-Drive Stage V will also play a leading role at Eima Digital, thanks to the combination of power and high technology it delivers, fully meeting its customers’ needs. Thanks to the increase in engine power from 200 to 240 hp, the entire X7.6 series has reached the new Stage V emission level.

It is equipped with a 6-cylinder, 24-valve 6.7-litre Beta Power Fuel Efficiency engine, which delivers a maximum torque of 983 Nm at 1,400 rpm with the Power Plus system that guarantees maximum power and performance combined with fuel savings, lower tractor wear and a generous 36% torque reserve. The SCR – Selective Catalyst Reduction system with a 52-litre AdBlue® tank reduces engine emissions. The SCR system is combined with the DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyser), a passive oxidising catalyst capable of reducing pollutants and meeting the most stringent anti-pollution regulations.

The engine is associated with the B.I.C. Best in Class system which guarantees a decisive improvement in the use of fuel filters: the result is a reduction in oil waste and a lengthening of maintenance intervals with a reduction in costs.

The Engine Brake and Cooling Matrix systems confirm the objective of technological implementation and usability of the tractor. The first, in fact, reduces engine speed, thanks to the activation of the engine brake associated with the rear brakes, through the use of the turbocharger throttle valve. Whereas the Cooling Matrix system facilitates the opening of the under-hood radiators for easy and efficient cleaning.

Everything is designed to guarantee maximum reactivity of the tractor in all types of operation, making the work particularly easy for the operator to whom, as always, the utmost attention is paid.

The VT-Drive 4-stage, continuously variable transmission with 4 sets of crown wheels with wet clutches is also designed with this in mind. With 4 speed ranges, from a minimum of 0.04 km/h to a maximum of 50 km/h, it is able to guarantee maximum productivity in every work context, always delivering full power, both at the wheels thanks to reinforced final drives and at the power take-off (PTO) available in 4 speeds. The Closed Centre Load-Sensing (CCLS) hydraulic system provides a flow rate of 160l/min.

From the previous engine, the X7.6 Stage V inherits the load-bearing chassis and front suspension with independent links that provides a lower level of vibration and improved traction at the front axle with maximum manoeuvrability for greater safety and driving comfort.

Attention to the needs of the operator and care in making his/her work simpler are objectives which have resulted in the anti-damping semi-active suspension cab, with main features that include the high quality of the materials used, the excellent level of the ergonomics and attention to detail. All this in a context of maximum comfort and spaciousness.

The Eazysteer function, for electronic steering modulation, also contributes to the operator’s driving comfort, in combination with satellite driving options provided by Topcon Agriculture.

The ease of use of the tractor is enhanced by the configuration of the control unit, governed by Data Screen Management (DSM). Each of the 5 programmable “MyFunctions” buttons allows several functions to be stored for greater customisation of the tractor controls. The operator can also electrically adjust the steering wheel tilt with a switch and the height with a lever.

The technological level of this tractor with innovative contents is completed by the factory-fitted components for guidance systems, –ISObus control, as well as McCormick’s flet management system.

ISObus seamlessly integrates the tractor, implements and on-board computer, making it easy for the operator to manage them via the 12” DSM touch screen monitor, ensuring superior efficiency and productivity.

Also via DSM, a rear/front camera and the Advanced HMF management system can be controlled for optimal management of all headland operations.

The advanced McCormick Fleet Management system, on the other hand, makes it possible to manage a fleet of tractors by providing immediate and precise telematic information to which are added the geofencing functions for added security, telemetry for consumption control and remote diagnostics for effective real-time monitoring of the tractor and to permit the programming of a maintenance plan which will be effective over time.

The attention to the design integrates well with the technological research and innovations that characterise the McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive, which features a bonnet in line with the style of the McCormick X8 family and a roof with 12 LED work lights, positioned to ensure the operator has 360° visibility during night operations.

 X6 Red Power Series, exclusive equipment

McCormick X6 is now available in special edition package. The Red Power, with Metallic Red livery, Heavy Black rims and equipment including Suspended Axle, air conditioning and Electronic Hitch.

 It is a set-up that interprets the great qualities of technology, power and comfort of the X6 series in the most high-performing and exclusive way. Highly configurable and capable of carrying out any type of work activity, the McCormick X6 is synonymous with versatility, and is able to meet the specific needs of each farm.

The three models in the series, X6.35, X6.45 and X6.55, are equipped with Deutz 3.6-litre 4-cylinder engines with Common Rail electronic injection and have power outputs of 110, 119 and 126 hp. The models comply with Tier 4 Final emission regulations, thanks to the innovative exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) in addition to the DOC + SCR post treatment system.

The cab, perfectly soundproofed and equipped with automotive quality materials, recreates a pleasant environment at all times, in all conditions, thanks to efficient ventilation, heating and air conditioning. The rear window and the transparent upper hatch can be opened to facilitate ventilation. The perfect 360° panoramic view makes it easy to work with the front loader and in tight spaces, where it is essential to have excellent short-range visibility.

 Comfort in field and transport operations is ensured by options including front axle with centre suspension and mechanical cab suspension, built to the highest standards in terms of ergonomics, quietness and all-round visibility.

The transmission is available with two versions: hydraulic reverse shuttle 12+12 or 36+12 with HML and for both there is the option of the creeper.

The high-performance rear hitch provides a lifting capacity of 6,000 kg served by a 66 l/min open centre hydraulic circuit.

The maximum available rear wheel size is 38”.

Among the technological options is the factory-fitted preparation for ISObus and satellite guidance system.

 In addition to these interconnection solutions, there is the McCormick Fleet Management system, which allows the farmer and/or fleet manager to monitor vehicle efficiency during work, control maintenance reports and consumption, optimising performance and operating costs.

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